9.22.14 -  

From cyber to cement our client, Country Club Prep, is spreading the preppy fashion love. The co-founders recently sat down with Women's Wear Daily to talk about their ecommerce successes, CCPrep's first brick-and-mortar store and what the future holds for the "Zappos of peppy clothing." Subscribers to can read the full story here

9.22.14 -  

Congratulations to two AR|PR clients - NexDefense and - on being selected as Venture Atlanta presenting companies. The two early stage companies will pitch at the Venture Atlanta conference on Oct. 21-22. Contact AR|PR to meet with our leadership at the two-day event.

9.19.14 -  

Football season is in full swing and client, Competitive Sports Analysis, is making news along the way! Today, the company is highlighted in "The Football Fan's Ultimate Travel Game Plan" from Forbes Travel Guide for its interactive scoutPRO Data Ticker. You can check out the full article here

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WEBINAR INVITE: Prepare. Plan. Repeat. 2015.

Do you have your 2015 marketing plan ready? No? Well, AR|PR would like to invite our startup friends to join us for a FREE webinar where we’ll talk about the importance of annual planning to your bottom line, tip and tricks on how to start, and best practices for following that plan throughout the year while still remaining the nimble early stage company you need to be. Don't miss this 30-minute session with actual, tactical tips to help you create buzz and #makenews throughout 2015. 


How to Win the Startup Credibility Battle

Have you ever met a startup competitor that seems to be getting overwhelming amounts of buzz, but their product isn’t baked, or even worse - vaporware? It’s likely because they’re winning what we like to call “the credibility battle.” Entrepreneurial culture was built upon true innovation and people with awesome ideas, but the truth is that it has turned into a much bigger beast. You can no longer put something cool on the market and expect it to go viral. With 90 percent of all startups failing, it’s time to put your fists up and prove to the world that your brand is worthy of respect.