7.22.14 -  

Our client, WeCareCard, recently held a successful #WeCareWeShare social media contest surrounding World Wide Giving Day. At the end of the week WeCareCard received a 93 percent increase in Facebook followers over the previous week. Furthermore, the account drove traffic to the website with Facebook being the number one driver of website traffic for the month of June.

7.21.14 -  

As the first and only complete social marketing automation solution for enterprises, client begins to #makenews about it's recent application on the Eloqua platform. Read the full story from E-commerce Times here.

7.21.14 -  

ShopVisible continues to #makenews and provide helpful tips to online retailers on building trust with savvy shoppers. Click here to read the full article from Website Magazine

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Top Fitness Tech Outlets

Chances are, you’re wearing a Fitbit right now, or you tracked your morning jog in a mobile app, or you’re addicted to your yoga iPad videos. If so – you’re not alone. In fact, experts predict by 2016, the mobile health application market is expected to reach $400 million. As advocates of technology and lovers of health and fitness, personally, we couldn’t be happier! Because of the shear volume of industry news, making headlines isn’t always a piece of cake. With that said, here at AR|PR, no goal is out of reach, so we’d like to share our TOP outlets who are covering the latest and greatest in the fitness technology industry. 


Meet the Team: Episode 6

We love each other. No really, we do. We think you should love us, too. Today we are continuing our series that lets you get to know our “army of awesome.” Meet our super sweet and incredibly bright Senior Account Manager, Caroline Cassidy.